Beautiful Bridal Accessories You Can Make

Beautiful Bridal Accessories You Can Make

It's no secret that weddings are expensive affairs. Elegance and romantic touches add to the beauty of the day, but after the basic essentials that are needed for the event, like the dress, entertainment, photographer, venue and food, many bridal couples find that their budget has been drastically depleted, especially if they're paying for the wedding themselves.

Being a budget-conscious bride doesn't mean that you don't want those little extra accessories that every woman wishes for on her big day. And, while you may have to compromise a little on your vision, you shouldn't have to miss out on the special touches that you've always dreamed of.

If your budget is starting to get a little tight, consider finding romantic accessories that speak to you, but can be handmade for a significantly lower cost than if you purchased it from a bridal store. If you or someone you know has even basic sewing skills, you might just find some things that will add elegance without busting your budget.

For beginners, I suggest checking out Beautiful Bridal Accessories You Can Make by Jacquelynne Johnson. Her designs are gorgeous, but simpler for those who are newer to using more elegant materials, such as lace and satin. They're classic and traditional in concept, without being gaudy or old-fashioned. Johnson's eye for simple elegance is beautifully translated into all the accessories, both wearable and decorative, shines through in this must-have for the traditional bride on a budget.

Putting together a wedding can be an expensive endeavor, but that doesn't mean a bride has to live without the romantic, memorable little extras that she envisions for her big day. By making some of the additional wedding accessories by hand, she can save a significant amount of money and still have the elegance she dreamed of.