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Being the Best Man For Dummies

If you've just received the call that you'll be starring as the best man or maid of honor at your pal's wedding, you might have a lot of questions. What are my responsibilities? How do I put a decent speech together? What does it mean to have such an important role in my friend's wedding? These are all great questions and if you're not sure what standing up for your friend really entails, than it's time to hit the books.

And wouldn't you know it? The popular “For Dummies” series provides the answers to your burning questions. In Dominic Bliss's book, Being the Best Man For Dummies, he delivers a straight-shooting guide to everything you didn't know you need to know about this important responsibility.

When most men are asked to stand up for a friend or family member, two things spring to mind: wearing a tux to look hot for the maid of honor and throwing a bachelor party.

While these are indeed benefits of the position, there are other duties that go along with the job. Being the Best Man For Dummies walks you through the basics—yes, including the stag party—and continues on through other necessary wedding preparations and responsibilities that will make the groom's big day much smoother.

Are you nervous about the speech? Not sure how to write it? This book covers both writing and delivering a great speech—which is usually laced with humor and sentimental quality, so you can be ready for the big moment.

It also offers valuable advice about handling awkward situations both before and during the wedding along with financial obligations and dazzling the bride and groom's families at various wedding-related events.

I've always liked the “For Dummies”series of books because they're so down to Earth, practical and easy to apply. Being the Best Man For Dummies is no exception.