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Consider a Homemade Bridesmaids Gift

When you're considering what to get your bridesmaids as gifts, think about giving something homemade. Traditional gifts like jewelry and engraved glasses are nice, but they can be very expensive. Why not make them each a small scrapbook of your time together?

If you only have a couple of bridesmaids, you can make individual books for each one. Add pictures and short passages reminiscing about your time together, from when you met through the events and activities that you've done together during your wedding preparations.

If you have a larger number of bridesmaids, you might want to make one book that chronicles your friendships, starting with pictures of you with each of your pals and ending with pictures of all of together. Then, add in some funny stories and heartfelt sentiments to show just how much you love and appreciate them.

These keepsakes will be as fun to make as the will be to share, and your bridesmaids will love them dearly. And, depending on your budget, you can choose how you want to put them together. You can buy individual scrapbooks and make them by hand, or choose digital software to make multiple books at the same time. There are even companies, like, that will put them together and print them in bound, professional-looking books. They're stunning and simple. What more could a girl ask for?

Giving your bridesmaids each a gift is a bridal tradition, but that doesn't mean the present you pick has to be traditional. Photo keepsakes with meaningful, personal messages can be even more special and will be cherished forever.